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Twenty-six 30-minute episodes
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is both an entertaining and educational series aimed at popularizing the science of entomology. Filmed all over the globe, notably in South Africa, Malaysia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Mexico and Venezuela, its 26 programs - 13 of which have been filmed in high-definition format (HDTV) - look at the behavior of insects using striking analogies with that of humans. Produced to the highest standards of scientific filmmaking, each episode follows well known entomologist Georges Brossard on his hunting expeditions and delivers a legion of stunning images of insects through the use of macrophotography. Enjoying phenomenal success, this series is now broadcast in over 160 countries.
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Last Broadcast on September 3, 2005
Discovery HD Theater Insectia
''Life In a Single Tree.'' Tally of insects living in a tree in the tropical rainforest. (HDTV)