Operation Canopeé in French Guiana


 Insect collecting from the canopy raft in French Guiana. In addition to collecting during the day, Phil spent two nights in the canopy on the raft and endured a pouring rain one of the nights. The spectacular sun rises from the top of the trees made it all worth it; especially seeing the hot air blimp carrying the research sled beneath it and skimming the treetops!
Every day before dawn the hot air blimp would be inflated for a sunrise liftoff. When the wind would kick up a few hours later (with the heat of the sun), the blimp would return and be put away to avoid being blown around on the launch pad.
See this research as filmed inthe National Geographic documentary "Heroes of the High Frontier (available on video from NGS). Here the " portable", inflatable canopy raft is seen from the gondola of the Hot Air Blimp. The raft is 120 feet above the ground and the blimp is about 200 ft.
 PKW in French Guiana during Operation Canopeé. He is holding a Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria) in his right hand and an unidentified venomous vine snake in his left
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. These, in addition to two Fer-de-Lances (one of the most venomous and aggressive snakes in South America), were found within the research site at Paracou. They were caught and relocated for safety to both the people and the snakes.