Philip K. Wittman - Scientist and Canopy Access Specialist
Nature Conservancy, in plant surveys with the Florida Native Plant Society and even as a volunteer with the Sea Turtle Nest Protection Program of Canaveral National Seashore. He is also a member of Canopy Construction Associates. Based in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Wittman is available to travel to present lectures and to give talks to interested groups and organizations.
active locally in central Florida, assisting in Prescribed Fires with The


After earning his doctoral degree at the University of Florida, he went to work in research at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ. Later he transfered to Florida to work at the Orlando Plant of AT&T Microelectronics. For over twenty years he has been pursuing environmental research coupled with field research and collection expeditions.

Now a Canopy Quest consultant and canopy ecologist, Phil has worked in the jungles of the tropics ranging from South America to Australia. A former Research Associate with Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL, he has been

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Rainbow Boa and Vie Snake in French Guiana
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Phil climbing the Great Kapok tree in Peru
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